We are so excited that our Father/Daughter Winter Dance was a great success!  Due to the many volunteers who came out to support the PTA, the 250+ people who attended the dance truly had a enchanting night!  
We are excited to share some of the images that were taken by a volunteer.  Thank you to Shari Jongejan (parent) for taking such amazing photos!  And thank you to LC Photography for providing a the photo booth for us.  These photos are priceless!  
Below you will find link to an online, password protected image gallery.  You will notice that there are separate galleries dividing candid photos taken, as well as the photo booth pictures.  
To download, click on the image of your choice.  You will see a download (arrow icon) at the bottom right of the image you are looking at.  
Special THANK YOU to all the volunteers for helping the night run smoothly and making it a success.  
We could not have done it without them! If you recognize any names, please feel free to show them your appreciation as well.
Erin LemMon (and her 5th grade class)
Shari Jonejan
Alex  Valentone
Yoomi Kim
Ana Paula Moessmer
Elsa Jimenez
Rie Nishamura
Carmel Somoza
Stacy Ferrer
Jamil Halaby
Jim Agcaoili
Mike Dhanuwidjaja
Norman Jonejan
Eyad Shqair
Mike Somoza
Mark Olinger
Gladys Rodriguez 
Office Staff:

Alexis O'Flarety

Barbara Rothe
Grace Chang
Becky Glikbarg
PMT Staff: (For allowing us to take over the gym all day to set up!)
Sharon Haselbach
Nobu Kotani
Francis Johnson
Trader Joes-Hillsdale
Horizon Food Groups

With great thanks from your Winter Dance Committee Chairs,
Jamie Halaby
Heather Agcaoili 
Lisa Shqair

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