Every year parent volunteers put together a Brewer Island Elementary School Yearbook that students can buy as a reminder of the wonderful year they had at school.
The yearbook is a collection of photos from school events through early April.  There are class pages with individual portraits of each student, events pages, and pages for the graduating 5th grade students.
The Yearbook Committee is made up of a Yearbook Chair and 2 Co-chairs.  
The Yearbook Team includes parent volunteers that create the classroom pages and school events pages by using the photographs taken by our parent Yearbook Photographers. 
We have a Yearbook Shutterfly Site where we upload the photographs to create our school events pages. 
We encourage all classrooms to have a Class Shutterfly Site so that the Classroom Yearbook Co-ordinator has photos from various class activities and field trips to use for the classrom yearbook page.  Using Shutterly provides photos for a variety of students and activites.
The Yearbook is produced using the Lifetouch online software program.  
Our deadline for completing the yearbook is mid-Arpil, so only events prior to that are included.
Yearbooks can be purchased online before mid-April for $25.  They will be delivered to your child's classroom on the last 3 days of school.  Click here to order online: (the code for BIES is 1119218).
After the mid-April deadline, yearbooks will only be sold on the last 3 days of school, and will be $30, cash only.
We have a set number of books each year, so to guarantee you will get a copy please order online early. 
If you are interested in being a Classroom Yearbook Co-ordinator, a School Events Yearbook Co-ordinator or Yearbook Photographer please email Alex Ward at
Also if you have some photographs to share from school events that we can include in the yearbook please email them to Alex Ward at
Yearbook Chair for 2016/17:
Yearbook C0-chairs for 2016/17:

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If you are interested in learning more about the Classroom Yearbook Co-ordinator and Yearbook Photographer volunteers please see the position descriptions below for more details.

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