Brewer Island’s art program, Art In Action (, is in full swing.  This parent volunteer-run program brings an exciting art curriculum to our school, and is strongly supported by our principal. 


Student artwork is displayed at the Foster City Library throughout the school year and at the annual Art Showcase in conjunction with Open House.


Art in Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated since 1982 to fostering the educational development and creativity of children through innovative visual arts programs and communities.  The Art in Action Program provides an engaging, hands-on curriculum that teaches art history, art appreciation, and art techniques. For parents and class AiA volunteers wanting to learn more about it or to just watch some class lesson videos, do visit The rich and diverse Art in Action lessons encourage students to observe more closely, consider more carefully, and express themselves with confidence.


Art in Action makes teaching art fun and easy with recipe-style curriculum online and in book form, training workshops, lesson-specific art materials and year-round support.  The curriculum meets National and California academic standards and uses online multimedia technology to take visual art education to entirely new levels.  The program serves more than 50,000 students in more than 200 schools.



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